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This Year in Counseling

This year in Counseling…


This year Jackson has two Counselors that will be providing services to Jaguar students. Sabrina Finstad, Intern joined our staff in early August. She is in the final stage of completing her Masters of Science in Professional Counseling from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ.  Working with Sabrina throughout her internship will be Kathy Kearns, mentor.


What is School Counseling?


School Counseling consists of individual and small social skills groups. This year we will be focusing on:


Second-Step (school-wide): The Second Step Program promotes school success, school connectedness, a safe and respectful school climate.


Super Heroes (K-2): The Super Hero Program is designed to teach and enhance critical skills that all children need to be able to interact appropriately with adults and peers to develop and maintain friendships.


Why Try? (3-4): The Why Try Program along with its visual analogies stress to the students that although decision making can be difficult, doing so will result in more freedom, opportunity and self-respect.


We look forward to working with all Jaguar students throughout the school year. Please feel free to contact either school counselors at any time.


Sabrina Finstad 872-1832

Kathy Kearns 872-1820